GoNiftyfor a better life

Hello, Nice To Meet You. 

My name is Yoshiko Payne, the Founder of GoNifty LLC.

In my long retirement I didn’t like the feeling of being left behind. Yes, I was too energetic to accept the world around me passing by. The discovery of Amazon FBA gave me a way out - and a chance to prove to myself that I can succeed again but in a very different field from my life-long profession of a US certified public accountant. Hence, GoNifty LLC was born.

Now, I am in an e-commerce and my mind is full of ideas. I will start, however, by pursuing the products I am familiar with in my own life - because I can learn the new trade and at the same time can help people save time and chores. I have a bigger goal, though. It has been my dream, as a Super Senior, to encourage middle-aged people to take steps to preserve their health and youth - so that they can have, in their later years, the incredible personal freedoms I have been enjoying for years.

Also, I am uniquely positioned to expand into the Japanese market. I know how the business is being conducted and how its consumers think, as well as nuances of the Japanese culture. All these were given to me as a native Japanese and by having been educated through pre-medicine in Tokyo.

I very much appreciate your support for GoNifty, and promise it will be your worthy partner because it is built on a philosophy of fairness, quality and values.

Email: yoshiko@gonifty.com  www.gonifty.com